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Beneficial Preschool Educational Academy

At Advanced Learning Academy, we believe that it's never too early to give your child a head start in the classroom. Our preschool education academy in Whitsett, North Carolina, welcomes students as young as two up to five years old. Our foundation is based on the “Early Learning Standards for North Carolina Preschoolers and Strategies for Guiding Their Success”. The child care rules require centers to plan developmentally appropriate activities that stimulate the four goal areas below.

Social Development

Social development occurs through activities which encourage children to share, take turns, and play together. Caregivers support social development by building positive relationships with children and their parents, helping children form friendships, and by providing secure and stimulating environments.

Emotional Development

Emotional development occurs through activities that help children learn to express their feelings and develop a sense of others. Playing in the housekeeping area gives children an opportunity to act out many different emotions. Showing children pictures of someone who is smiling, frowning, crying, or laughing and talking about the person in the picture is another activity that encourages emotional development.

Caregivers support emotional development by observing children and responding with sensitivity to their individual needs. Warm guidance and encouragement help children learn how to successfully interact with others.

Cognitive Development

Cognitive (intellectual) development occurs when children are encouraged to be creative, use their imaginations, explore, and ask questions. Some specific examples are:

• Playing games which help teach ideas such as “alike” and “different”; “over” and “under”; and “near” and “far” as well as discussing the size, shape, or color of blocks and puzzles pieces.

• Having the children tell a story about what they are doing.
• Letting the children draw pictures about something they have done or have seen.


Physical Development

Physical development occurs through activities that provide opportunities for children to begin developing and refining motor skills, self-care, physical health and growth, and safety awareness. Running, jumping, climbing, crawling, hopping, skipping, and riding a tricycle are examples of activities that help develop a child’s large muscles, while learning to hold a paint brush or crayon, putting a puzzle together, and stringing beads are examples of activities that aid in the development of small muscles.

To learn more about the focus and lesson plan for our preschool academy, contact our friendly staff in Whitsett, North Carolina.